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Posted on: February 15, 2011 9:12 am


This is why I love NASCAR, the Junior Nation versus the Junior Haters will go on forever.  Both sides are passionate about their beliefs.  No other driver, excpet maybe Jeff Gordon has more press on this than Junior, this is why he is the most popular driver and the leader in merchandise sales for the last decade.  I for one follow Junior and hope he does well every race.  Working with a crew chief can be difficult when personalities clash and the communication is off.  I think Letarte will be good for Junior as he won races with Jeff Gordon and Junior respects Gordon.  When Junior went to HMS he was the third wheel in the organization.  Jeff Gordon was/is the leader and now the elder statesman, Jimmy Johnson was/is the young buck with all the wins and now more championships than Gordon (third all time), then came Junior.  Sure Junior brought alot of baggage with him when he came but he is a good driver.  It took awhile to get used to HMS equipment.  Now it appears he may have a handle on ythe equipment and has a winning crew chief who doesn't take any crap from a prima donna driver.  Junior needs/needed someone to motivate him by getting him to focus on driving and rededicating himself to the sport.  He shaved off that ridiculous beard and seems to be pointed in the right direction.  As for the haters, I am sure they root harder for Junior to fail than their drivers to win, that's awesome.  Love him or hate him you know who he is and you can spot his fans a mile away.  When he succeeds half the NASCAR fans are happy and when he fails the other half are happy.  All I can say is GO JUNIOR!!!!
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