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I friend of mine who has a radio show and website called "Athlete's Angle"  asked me to join a fantasy baseball league.  There are 12 teams and it was an auction draft.  Not knowing too much about baseball (loved it when I was a kid though, GO BRAVES!)  I let the computer draft my team.  All-stars, Jose Reyes, Matt Kemp, Ryan Braun, and Lance Berkman were drafted to my team, along with Josh Beckett and Brandon League was picked up off of waivers.  Fantasy baseball makes the game fun and has me interested in baseball again.  I hope to watch the All-Star game and see my players do well.  The league pits you against another player for one week and stats are kept for batting, (RUNS, RBIS, TOTAL BASES, ON BASE %, and SLUGGING %) and pitching (ERA, WHIP, WINS, SAVES, and HOLDS).  Playing fantasy has kept me occupied all summer so far.
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This is why I love NASCAR, the Junior Nation versus the Junior Haters will go on forever.  Both sides are passionate about their beliefs.  No other driver, excpet maybe Jeff Gordon has more press on this than Junior, this is why he is the most popular driver and the leader in merchandise sales for the last decade.  I for one follow Junior and hope he does well every race.  Working with a crew chief can be difficult when personalities clash and the communication is off.  I think Letarte will be good for Junior as he won races with Jeff Gordon and Junior respects Gordon.  When Junior went to HMS he was the third wheel in the organization.  Jeff Gordon was/is the leader and now the elder statesman, Jimmy Johnson was/is the young buck with all the wins and now more championships than Gordon (third all time), then came Junior.  Sure Junior brought alot of baggage with him when he came but he is a good driver.  It took awhile to get used to HMS equipment.  Now it appears he may have a handle on ythe equipment and has a winning crew chief who doesn't take any crap from a prima donna driver.  Junior needs/needed someone to motivate him by getting him to focus on driving and rededicating himself to the sport.  He shaved off that ridiculous beard and seems to be pointed in the right direction.  As for the haters, I am sure they root harder for Junior to fail than their drivers to win, that's awesome.  Love him or hate him you know who he is and you can spot his fans a mile away.  When he succeeds half the NASCAR fans are happy and when he fails the other half are happy.  All I can say is GO JUNIOR!!!!
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My two cents...The Pittsburgh Steelers and the Green Bay Packers game will be an exciting one to say the least.  Both teams have great defenses and great offenses.  The Steelers defense is ranked second in overall defense, 1st against the run (62.8 yards per game) and 12 th against the pass (214.1 yards per game).  The Packers defense is ranked fifth overall, 18th against the run (114.9 yards per game) and 5th against the pass (194.2 yards per game).  I feel both defenses will play well and will balance each other out.  Let's look at offense.  The Packers are ranked 9th overall, 24th rushing (100.4 yards per game) and 5th passing (257.8 yards per game).  The Steelers are ranked 14th overall, 11th rushing (120.2 yards per game) and 14th passing (225.1 yards per game).  The Packers are built to pass the ball with Aaron Rodgers at the helm and they have great wide receivers in Greg Jennings, Donald Driver, and James Jones.  The Steelers are more balanced with Rashard Mendenhall rushing the ball and Ben Roethlisberger passing to Hines Ward, Mike Wallace, and Heath Miller.  The Packers offensive line is better suited to stop the Steelers pass rush.  Tackles Chad Clifton and Brian Bulaga have to block the Vikings Jared Allen and the Bears Julius Peppers twice a season and did an admirable job against these two elite pass rushers and should be able to handle James Harrison and LaMar Woodley.  The Steelers offensive line is pretty banged up with starting center Maurkice Pouncey ruled out.  Tackles Flozell Adams and Jonathan Scott will have their hands full blocking Clay Mathews when the Steelers are forced to pass.  If the Steelers can get their groiund game established early they have a chance.  The Packers can't run the ball effectively but have been getting better with James Starks.  If Aaron Rodgers can get confidence early, the Steelers are in for a long game.  The kicking game favors the Packers.  Mason Crosby kicks in the frozen tundra with swirling winds and has been the Packers kicker all season, while Shaun Suisham was picked up half way through the season.  However Suisham is Canadian so I will call it closer than it should be (I am Canadian too and have to pull for him).  I guess it will come down to coaching.  This is where the Steelers have the advantage.  Hall of Famer Dick Lebeau and Mike Tomlin have been here before and know how to get the job done.  In short final score Steelers 28 Packers 24.

Wow what a game the Packers win!!
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This will be an exciting matchup between the Pittsburgh Steelers and the New York Jets.  So far this week there has been little trash talking from the Jets side.  They know that the Steelers will be ready for a fist fight and are looking to avenge an early season loss.  The Steelers defense led by James Harrison and Troy Polamalu will be ready for the Jets running game and will confuse Mark Sanchez all game.  If they can bring pressure from their front four the Jets will be in some trouble.  The Steelers offensive line may be the key to this game as they are pretty banged up.  If the Jets can confuse the Steelers o-line they have a chance.  If Ben Roethlisberger has time to set up in the pocket and Rashard Mendenhall can establish himself as a dominant runner the Jets will be in for a long day.  My prediction the Steelers move on 28-14.  Final score was 24-19 Steelers over Jets so I was pretty close.  Steelers move on to take on the......


This is the third time the Chicago Bears and the Green Bay Packers will meet this year with both teams winning one game.  The Bears had a chance in the last regular season game to knock the Packers out of the playoffs but could only muster 3 points.  They failed then and will fail again.  The Packers have found a running game to compliment Aaron Rodgers and the passing game.  The Packers proved they can move the ball against the Bears in their last meeting.  The Packers defense will cause Jay Cutler fits and Clay Mathews will bring pressure, while Charles Woodson and the other defensive backs blanket cover the Bears receivers.  If the Packers offensive line can handle Julius Peppers this game could get out of hand for the cheeseheads.  My prediction, the Packers move on to the Super Bowl 35-7.  Final score 21-14 Packers.  I was a bit off but picked the right team.  Woohoo two for two.  The Super Bowl is set Pittsburgh Steelers versus the Green Bay Packers.

We will see if these predictions hoild true.  This time I went with my heart not my head.

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I for one, enjoyed the BCS Championship game between The Auburn Tigers and the Oregon Ducks.  At the fine wing and ale establishment that a few of my closest friends were watching the game in, the crowd was definitely pro-Oregon, so much so, that I was the only Tigers fan.  Decked out in an Auburn golf shirt and baseball cap I watched the drama unfold.  <br />First, some reasons why I chose to cheer for Auburn.  I am a huge South Eastern Conference football fan, that was born and lives in Canada.  My favorite team is the Florida Gators.  Since 2007 I have played college fantasy football that was SEC teams only.  I follow all the games here on gametracker, on the internet via live streaming, and on CBS and Peachtree tv where there is an SEC Game of the Week.  This year the computer drafted my team and selected Cam Newton as the quarterback.  As a result, I followed the Auburn Tigers throughout the season and PVRed all of their games as the high school team I coach runs a very similar offense as the Tigers.  Anyways, as the season progressed and the annual Iron Bowl that pits Alabama against Auburn loomed I listened to the pundits on College Rivals Radio and researched the history of the game.  Once the Tide surged ahead 24-0 and the Tigers, led by Cam Newton rallied to win, I knew the Tigers (and the SEC) had another shot at a BCS Title.  In the SEC Championship Game, the Tigers beat up on the Gamecocks and sealed their shot at a national title.  In the PAC-10 conference I usually cheer for the Oregon Ducks as they have a high tempo spread offense that is exciting to watch.  I knew this game would be a good one.<br />For the first few weeks of December, my family and I travelled to Florida for a vacation and I was immersed in the SEC culture.  The local newspapers and tv stations were pumping up the SEC and how they have dominated throughout the past decade.  I was given an Auburn Tigers hat from a former alumnus and army veteran who lives and breathes Tigers.  (He is a friend of my parents).  <br />Ok, back to the game.  When the Ducks went up 3-0 the bar seemed to be staring at me in my Tigers gear and let me have the ridicule.  Not long after the Tigers scored and the bar let me know how much of a cheater Cam Newton was and how he didn't deserve to be in this game.  I let flow off me and I concentrated on the game.  Then the Ducks scored and the jabs came fast and furious.  Once the Tigers tackled LaMichael James in the endzone for a safety the crowd became less rowdy and then the Tigers scored to take the lead.  Everything was pretty quiet until Cam Newton fumbled and the Ducks tied it up.  The crowd turned and again I was the center of their attention.  I let it slide as I knew the Tigers and the SEC would not let me down.  Then Wes Byrum kicked the game winning field goal and the crowd fell silent except for a few liquid courage filled losers who were quickly escorted out.  In the end, the SEC won its fifth BCS Title in a row and moved to 7-0 in title games in the BCS Era.<br />I enjoyed the game because both defenses came to play and they forced turnovers and created excitement.  The Ducks ground game came to a grinding halt and Cam Newton was pretty much held in check.  The Tigers unsung heroes were the difference.  Former starting quarterback Kodi Burns (senior) caught a 35 yard touchdown pass.  Wes Byrum (senior) kicked two field goals including the game winner.  Freshman wide receiver Emory Blake caught a 30 yard touchdown pass.  Freshman running back Michael Dyer rushed for a game high 143 yards.  Senior defensive back Zac Etheridge, who was seriously injured in a game versus Ole Miss a year before and lay motionless on the field for 20 minutes and who sustained a cracked a vertebrae in his neck and many believed he would never play again, had a key interception.  Senior defensive back Demond Washington also had a key interception.  All in all it was a team effort and the team as whole played as one.<br />I believe that Auburn deserved the victory and it was well earned.  In 2011, whoever wins the SEC Championship has a great chance to win the BCS Title and take home the SEC's sixth straight BCS Title.  As the shirt says, "Great teams are built in the South".

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NFL POST SEASON WEEK #2 Preview and Predictions

This week poses some great matchups that pit divisional foes against each other for the third time this year.  Let's start with the AFC.
  1) NEW ENGLAND Patriots vs. NEW YORK Jets:  This game will be a heated affair between two teams that dislike each other.  One is quiet and business like and one is load and obnoxious.  Belichick vs Ryan.  Ryan has called out Tom Brady and Coach Belichick on numerous occasions and is at it again.  The first meeting of these teams saw the Jets come out on top 28-14 in New York and the second game the Patriots won 45-3 in Foxboro.  This game I see as being alot closer than the last one, but Brady and the boys will win 28-21 and go on to face....

2) PITTSBURGH Steelers vs. BALTIMORE Ravens:  These two teams down right hate each other.  This is one is the rubber match of two divisional foes.  Both visiting teams won in each of the last meetings.  In this one, if Ed Reed and the Ravens secondary can stop Mike Wallace this game will be a victory for the Ravens.  If Ray Rice can be a dual threat again this week the Steelers could be in for a long day.  I see this as a close game 16-13 Ravens.

1) ATLANTA Falcons vs. GREEN BAY Packers:  It seems that the Packers have found a running game to accompany Aaron Rogers and the passing game.  Matt Ryan and the Falcons have been playing very good football this season and have earned the right to host a playoff game.  If the Packers keep the running game up and their defense comes to play and can get pressure on Ryan the Packers can win.  I see a 24-21 Packers victory and they will play...

2) CHICAGO Bears vs. SEATTLE Seahawks:  This game is intriguing for many reasons.  The Seahawks aren't supposed to be here, they weren't supposed to make playoffs, they weren't supposed to beat the New Orleans Saints, but they did.  Their offense has been pretty ok recently with Marshawn Lynch and Matt Hasselback leading the way.  Their return game is good with Leon Washington capable of breaking games open.  This game comes down to two things, 1) the Bears defense, if they play great and shut the Seahawks down, they win and 2) Jay Cutler, if he is erratic and turns the ball over they lose.  In the end I see the Bears moving on with a 28-14 win. 

OK this week was terrible for my predictions in the AFC, but I nailed the NFC.  First my Patriots lost to the much hated New York Jets (curses) and the Pittsburgh Steelers came from a bunch down to beat the Ravens.  This makes for an interesting matchup this week in the AFC.  In the NFC the Packers were just too much for the Atlanta Falcons and the Chicago Bears beat up on the Seahawks.  This week it will be interesting as two NFC North division rivals face off for the third time this season.  It will be the rubber match for this season's version of this rivalry.
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With the win by the Auburn Tigers over the Oregon Ducks 22-19, the SEC has hauled in its 7th BCS Title in 13 years and 5th in a row.  The BCS started its Title game in 1998 and in the inagural year the Tennessee Volunteers beat the Florida State Seminoles  23-16 in the Fiesta Bowl.  In 2003 the LSU Tigers won the SEC's second BCS game by beating the Oklahoma Sooners 21-14 in the Sugar Bowl.  In 2006 it was the Florida Gators beating the Ohio State Buckeyes 41-14, in 2007 it was the LSU Tigers beating the Ohio State Buckeyes 38-24, in 2008 the Florida Gators beat the Oklahoma Sooners 24-14, and in 2009 the Alabama Crimson Tide beat the Texas Longhorns 37-21.  Since 1998 the SEC is 7-0 in championship games.  It seems that in recent years the SEC is the top conference when it comes to BCS Titles.  I know one reason is that the SEC is deemed a tougher conference and that helps in the polls when you talk about conference strength and strength of schedule.  It helps to be ranked higher than teams with equal records.  One reason that most don't talk too much about, I think, is that the bowl games are played in the winter months.  While alot of the countries other top college football conferences are blanketed by snow, the SEC is able to practice outside and its business as usual.  The BIG 10 for example, has to practice indoors in preparation for the Bowl season, this is out of the ordinary for them and they sometimes lack focus when the games begin.  Secondly, the rosters of most SEC teams is loaded with players from their home state.  These young men are growing up rooting for and dreaming for playing for the teams in their state.  The south seems to be producing these young talented players at a great rate and they are staying locally.  Another reason is that the SEC congerence has alot of their games televised nationally on Peachtree and on CBS (the official home of the SEC), and these players go to a SEC school to play on tv.  Its a huge drawing card to be in the national spotlight.  I for one am a huge fan of the SEC, although I grew up and live in Canada, there is something about watching a Florida, Alabama, or Georgia game in late November and seeing the crowd in t-shirts and shorts while I am buried in 4-6 feet of snow.  GO SEC SO!!!  Like the slogan on the shirt says "GREAT TEAMS ARE MADE IN THE SOUTH"

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NFL POST SEASON WEEK #1 Preview and Predictions

A total of five non-playoff teams from a year ago are in this year.  This is awesome for sports with the vast turn around.  Some teams needed the last day to clinch a spot, Green Bay, Seattle, and Indianapolis, while others were secured including New England, Philadelphia, and Atlanta, while others needed to decide their final position, New York Jets, Baltimore, and Pittsburgh.  The first round of the playoffs have some intriguing match-ups. Saturday: 1) New Orleans Saints at Seattle Seahawks - the defending champions should be able to take their game on the road and beat the Seahawks who entered the playoffs with a losing record.  The Saints win an then travel to Atlanta to face the Falcons  2) New York Jets and Indianapolis Colts - The Colts are a team that can put up points while the Jets defense is one of the best in football.  I would never count Peyton Manning out and I see the Colts winning this game and then going on to face the Pittsburgh Steelers.  3) Baltimore Ravens at Kansas City Chiefs - I hope the Chiefs can win this game but Ray Lewis and Ed Reed may have something to say about that.  If the Chiefs do win they will travel to New England to face the Patriots and I think this would be an easier game for the Patriots.  4) Green Bay Packers at Philadelphia Eagles - I think the Eagles take care of business and win this one.  Although Aaron Rodgers is a good quarterback, the Packers have no running game and the Eagles have too many weapons.  The Eagles will then travel to Chicago to take on the Bears.

WOW my predictions were horrible!!  The Seattle Seahawks knocked the defending champion Saints out of the playoffs and now travel to Chicago to take on the Bears.  The Green Bay Packers beat the Philadelphia Eagles and now travel to Atlanta to play the Falcons.  In the AFC the New York Jets kicked a last second field goal to knock out Peyton Manning and the Indianapolis Colts and now travel to New England to take on the Patriots.  The Baltimore Ravens beat the Kansas City Chiefs and now travel to Pittsburgh to take on the Steelers.  This weekend has some intriguing matchups and should be a great weekend of football.
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